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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Can You Train A Rescue Dog?

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Dog training is indeed a challenging job for dog lovers and pet owners. But when it comes to rescue dogs, the job has its own edge. Usually when we own a dog specially a puppy or a semi grown breed, we can know a lot about the behavior of the dog breed and act accordingly to provide training. But a rescue dog no such knowledge is available and hence training these dogs require a different set of rules.

Managing Aggression

You are never aware under what mental or physical stress the dog may have undergone. Hence in the initial days of your interaction with them, they are very much aggressive. Hence you need to first check its reactions and then strategize. Try to touch the dog and check whether it feels threatened towards you or not. You have to give it the assurance that from now on wards you will take care of it. There are different ways of managing aggression. If the dog is too aggressive with every move you take towards it, try to subdue it by ordering him or her in a strict voice. You should give a notion that such aggressions would not be tolerated. After a few hours, make sure you show gestures of love and care which will make the dog believe that you are his well wisher.

Managing Anxiety Problems

Most of the rescue dogs suffer from the problems of separation as they have been left out initially. Hence when they realize your relationship with him as that of one who loves and cares, they tend to be more dependent on you. The real problem occurs when you need to leave them at home and they cannot accept the fact. There are methods of training for this as well. Dogs can understand the signs of leaving home like packing bags or wearing shoes. Do not leave immediately rather leave after an hour. They tend to get confused about your actions and do not create problems when you leave home. Rescue dogs cannot take loneliness and hence you leave the house make sure you put some music on so that the house does not at least sound empty.

Training Regarding Food Intake 

Rescue dogs as mentioned before suffer from the problem of loneliness. Hence they refuse to attend to food if they are given in a separate corner in the house. Hence serve their food along with yours in similar looking
plates. This way you can actually check his food preferences and also ascertain the amount of food to be served per meal.

Training the dog to be non-aggressive to other unfamiliar faces does not require strictness always specially when it comes to rescue dogs. They usually take time to learn as there is a deep rooted fear and insecurity in them which needs to be addressed with love and care.

I am Mathew Morris, owner of four rescue dogs which I have been training by myself. I realized that to train a rescue dog, a trainer need to have a lot of patience and perseverance.


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