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Monday, August 26, 2013

The quality sunglasses Oakley provides

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The sunglasses Oakley provides its customers have a certain appeal to them that are quite specific. They are a brand with a clear image, and this is one of the reasons behind their success. Brands that are too diverse and spread their message too thinly often find sales difficult. Attempting to please all can sometimes be the best way to please none. Oakley sunglasses have a clear audience in mind with their sunglasses. They are energetic ones for people interesting in sport and keeping active. They are for the more mobile members of the public. This is plainly evident in their marketing strategy. One of the way in which they have begun marketing their sunglasses for women is with the tag line “This is for running, not running errands,” which is further proof of the target audience for these sunglasses. The double meaning of running and the slight hint of sexism aside leave the audience a clear meaning of who these sunglasses Oakley are aiming at.

 There must be a demand from women for everyday sunglasses with a sport appearance. The three options on the women’s Oakley sunglasses page are ‘Sport,’ ‘Active,’ and ‘Lifestyle.’


The ‘Split Jacket Transitions SOLFX,’ is amongst one of the most popular Oakley sport sunglasses for women. The lenses are distortion free, ensured clarity from every angle, UV protected to one hundred percent, adaptable to differing light conditions, and available to be fitted with different prescriptions. The frame of this pair of glasses is durable, comfortable, lightweight, and stress resistant. It doesn’t take long to realise why these glasses are so popular for sport.
The ‘Radarlock Path’ sunglasses Oakley has available are also a superb choice for women wanting sunglasses for sport. Just like the ‘Split Jacket Transitions SOLFX’ sunglasses, these ones are resilient and light as well. Quality is ensured, so the decision to purchase this pair will be based on its appearance.


What Oakley has to say: “If the Oakley woman is compulsive about anything, it’s the way she refuses to follow anyone’s lead but her own. Oakley women’s active sunglasses put that attitude on display by blending style with the unmistakable look of conviction.”

There is no such description of the ‘Sport,’ or ‘Lifestyle,’ section of Oakley sunglasses, but this short summary of the ‘Active,’ range is quite helpful to again focus the target audience. An Oakley customer is an independent and driven one. Conviction is a word that breathes confidence. Women should feel good when they are wearing sunglasses Oakley has designed and produced.


The ‘Oakley Remedy’ sunglasses are marketed as an all in one pair of sunglasses. They have the cool appearance – with its tinted brown colour and curved edges – while being practical, by delivering exactly what the customer wants: these sunglasses will not tangle in a person’s hair, and they are comfortable. The glasses are UV protected, ultra lightweight, and polarized. If one is looking for a pair of sunglasses they can wear any time then this pair is a fantastic choice.

If you are interested to see a wide selection of Oakley glasses, please be sure to check out ProfilOptik’s website (or like the Danes say Oakley briller ProfilOptik).


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