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Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 5 Summer Destinations for 2013

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So it is that time of the year again when sizzling temperatures, humidity and the sluggishness it brings along set you thinking about a relaxing and cool getaway. Kids are free from school and homework and thus you can now plan a nice summer holiday to pamper yourself and the whole family. This could also be your chance to gather wonderful memories to cherish for years to come! Once you’ve decided you are taking the plunge into these cool waters of a summer holiday, the first thing you need to settle on is your destination! Where are you going to go after all? If you look at the world map, there are scores of locales waiting for you! You can’t possibly do all, so let’s start by short-listing the top 5 summer destinations for 2013!

Gu├ęthary is a French fishing port on the Atlantic coast somewhere between St-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz. It happens to be a very old whaling destination dating back to the 12thcentury. Your search for a quiet and pretty place, far removed from the hustle-bustle and chaos of the city you live in, ends here! It is still not very commercially branded and this is what adds to its charm. It is never too crowded and always keeps you wanting to come back for peace and serenity.

Another city full of life and worth your consideration is Porto. This happens to be the largest city in Portugal after its capital Lisbon. Its history will take you back to the ancient 4th century when it belonged to the Roman occupation. It is a beautiful European center, which boasts of being the home of Porto wine. It offers you signature Mediterranean charm and you can enjoy this city simply by walking all around.
Folegandros remains an unscathed part of the real Greece. It is one of the many picturesque islands in Greece. It sits on the Aegean Sea. Together with Ios, Santorini, Anafi and Sikinos, it forms the South of Cyclades. The capital of this island is called The Chora and it is built on the edge of a 200-meter high cliff. If you dream of mesmerizing sunsets and vast stretches of clear blue waters, find your dream coming true here.
Thailand brings you its pride called Ko Samui off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. Among the most famous beaches here that are shimmering with white sands are Lamai, Chaweng and Bophut. The island is full of natural resources. Ko Samui has some of the most amazing coral reefs you will ever have the privilege of seeing. Summers are dry in Ko Samui which sets it apart from other Thai islands.
Con Dao Island is one of South East Asia’s most breathtaking and historically rich getaways. It is situated in Vietnam and for over a century it has housed some of the toughest French-run prisons. It is an isolated 16-island Archipelago located to the southeast of the city of Saigon. Its National Park makes for a splendid trip (in Danishrejse).


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