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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Spray Tan Course for treatments your clients will love

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Knowing how to apply a good looking spray tan is one of the most important skills a therapist can have these days. Whilst anyone can spray a tan from a can, a professionally applied tan stands out and for the right reasons. If you are a trainee therapist, make sure you take a good spray tan course.

A badly applied spray tan will look patchy, it will likely be the wrong colour, either too dark or too orange and if they've done it themselves, it will be far from flawless. Some people, it has to be said, will get decent results with a home kit, but a professionally applied spray tan will be practically indiscernible from a real tan. If you want to know how to apply such a tan for your clients, take a good spray tan course.

Sun Kissed.
Most people will prefer a sun kissed glow on their skin instead of their natural pallor. Let's face it, living in the UK is not really conducive to getting this look naturally. Add to this the very real fact that the dangers of direct sunlight are incredibly harmful and you will see why spray tans are so popular. A good spray tan should leave your client looking naturally sun kissed, as opposed to orange. It has to be said, however, that some clients prefer the darker, more orange tans and recent reports in the press revealed that 50% of off the shelf sunless tan products purchased were the darkest shade available.

Taking a spray tan course will teach all you need to know to give your clients the professional look they are looking for. It helps that the quality of the product available to professionals is a lot better than what you buy off the shelves in the chemist, but do make sure you use the best product possible. Your clients are paying you and if you want them come back and pay you again, you should do the best job possible. This of course goes for every and all treatments you do.

Sunless tanning treatments are such big business these days that some people do in fact choose to specialise in these treatments alone. Make sure you get the best training possible by making sure that you course is accredited by the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC). This will ensure that you will finish your course with all the skill and training you need to apply a flawless spray tan every time.

A spray tan course that comes with BABTAC accreditation also means that you will be able to apply for public liability insurance, an absolute must for all professionals.

Harry Wilson is a professional beauty therapist with over 25 years in the business. He ran his own chain of beauty salons in London for over 15 years, working with a fair share of celebrities along the way. He now teaches in a reputable therapy college, passing on his knowledge to the next generation of budding beauty therapists and technicians. One skill Corrie recommends to his trainees is a spray tan course. "Spray tans are one of the most popular treatments going and their popularity shows no sign of abating, so make sure you're trained".


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