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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Choose Suitable Clothes for Winter Season

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It is time to get ready for winter wear as the cold winds start to blow. As the temperature drops, people in the cold climate zones begin to shop for mittens, coats, sweaters etc. You need to consider few things when choosing clothes for winter.

The primary thing to consider while purchasing your winter clothes is the intensity of cold in the part of the globe you’re living in. People living in the colder regions would need a winter coat whereas people in the warmer regions might need only a jacket. There are various coats which provide different levels of protection from the cold.

Choose to dress in layers:
Layered dressing always does you a lot good. They fill up the space between you and your winter coat with insulation. The more layers, the better is the insulation. A shirt, an undershirt, a sweater represents a layer each. Layers help in regulating your body temperature with accuracy. You can add a layer or remove a layer depending upon how cold or warm you feel. Layers are also likely to trap the air better. Some great varieties of winter clothes are thermal body suits, turtle necks and long-sleeved T-shirts. Sweatshirts and sweaters are also good as they can be easily slipped on or taken off depending upon the temperature. Invest in a good winter coat. Purchase a coat that it long enough, which has a hood and ensure that it is rated.

Keeping your feet warm:
You should wear insulated boots as your feet will be in contact with the cold ground. Choose natural materials like woollen socks and layer them if it is necessary for you. There are varieties of shoes or boots in the market which come in different designs, colours and materials. You can choose whichever best suits you needs.

Prefer Natural materials:
Synthetic materials with their sheen are more appealing to look at. As per my knowledge, there is no synthetic material that can keep you warm, whereas, wool does keep you warm even when it gets wet for some reason while you are wearing clothes made of it.

Keep your hands and head warm:
There is a study which says that a person loses 30% of body heat due to their head being exposed on any cold day. It is vital to choose a proper hat which keeps you warm and fits you well. Some of them provide extra protection as they have ear flaps to cover the ears. Other options could be earmuffs and headbands. Wearing a pair of warm gloves could save your hands from uneasiness as they are usually the first ones to feel the cold. Gloves are accessible in many types from thick gloves which are for people who work outdoors in winters to light knit fabrics and water proof gloves. They should be chosen based on one’s comfort level and needs.

Kids Challenge:
Choosing Suitable Clothes for your kids in winter season is a type of challenge. One Universal Truth says that, if you’re kid growing fast facing all seasons which means it depends upon type of clothes wearing in different seasons. In fact these leads to child benefit.

Author Bio : Hi! My name is Leo and I’m from United Kingdom. I’m interested in writing articles and have been a blogger from the past two years.


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