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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What To Do About An Infestation Of Common Household Pests

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A pest infestation in a home or garden can cause distress to the occupiers. What steps can be taken to deal with an infestation? Here is advice on dealing with three common pests.

A wasps' nest may make part of the garden unusable and a nest near a doorway may stop access to a property. Wasps can become aggressive when they feel threatened and their sting is painful and may result in an anaphylactic shock which can be fatal. Attempting to remove a wasps' nest may not be the best option, especially when someone does not know whether they suffer from an allergy. Nests grow during the season and so by the middle of summer there may be thousands of wasps living in one nest; nests need to be treated with caution. If the nest is discovered in the early autumn, the problem may resolve itself as the wasps begin to die and a frost will kill off any remaining ones.

Pest control supplies include products on the market for householders to deal with single wasps and indeed for killing wasps in their nests. Local authorities and private pest control companies offer professional services for dealing with wasps' nests.

The first signs of a mouse infestation may be droppings or teeth marks in food, soap or other soft surfaces. All food should be kept covered up. If there is an infestation, then food shouldn't be left out for birds; food spills should be cleaned up and bins should be emptied frequently. Mice carry some bacteria which may cause illness including salmonella and they dribble urine, so all work surfaces should be cleaned before being used for food preparation. They can also cause damage to a house, including wiring which may be dangerous. Try to find holes where mice are gaining access to the house and block them. There are a range of products available for dealing with mice, including traps and baits.

Garden Ants
Ants coming into the house are not welcome. If the ants have been walking in something such as a drain, they may bring contamination into the house so food should be kept covered and surfaces cleaned before they are used for food preparation. Ants live in nests in the garden and make their way into homes through gaps in the house structure. One way of eradicating ants, is to buy powder suitable for indoor use. Apply this in a thin coat to the path they have been following and it will be carried back on ant's feet to the nest where it will kill the queen. Don't be tempted to apply the layer too thickly as this may kill the ants but they won't be able to walk it back to the nest. If the nest can be found, this can be destroyed by pouring boiling water in it.

Identifying a pest and finding its source are important in dealing with a problem. Speed is also important as an infestation will usually get worse and become more difficult to deal with.

Patricia Walker writes regularly for websites and blogs on a range of public health and related issues. She keeps up-to-date with suppliers of pest control supplies by referring to a variety of websites.


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