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Friday, February 1, 2013

Learn English And Enjoy London At The Same Time

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English remains the language of the modern world. So, where better to learn the world's favourite language than in the heart of the world's favourite capital, London?

In today's global world, English is the language of international trade and communication. As a result, in many countries, English is taught as a second language in schools to pupils from a young age. However, many people from abroad wish to improve upon this foundation and learn English to a standard where they can work in English speaking organisations.

Other people may, of course wish to learn the language from scratch, either for a specific position, or to increase the range of opportunities open to them in the future. Schools in London, therefore, offering a variety of courses ranging from general English courses to those focused specifically on business, or academia, provide an ideal solution to potential students who wish to learn the language and sample the culture of the UK at the same time.

Why London?
Schools in London enjoy the added benefit of being in the heart of the capital and giving students easy access to the attractions of one of the great cities of the world. Language skills can be enhanced with trips to some of the landmark sites of the capital, such as the Tower of London and St Paul's Cathedral, thereby providing an valuable insight into the culture and history of the country.

London's inimitable music, film and fashion scenes also provide a perfect backdrop, particularly as many, especially young, people wish to learn English, not just to increase their employment opportunities, but also because English is the language of today's international culture.

Established and accredited schools ensure that classes are small so that the needs of individual students can be recognised and that a full range of resources are available to all students. Many students also benefit from selecting a combination of group courses and one-to-one tuition sessions, as the latter can be focused on any specific weakness or requirements the student may have.

London is, arguably, the most international city in the world and its workforce has become increasingly diverse. Many of these workers already possess some level of expertise in English, written and/or spoken, but wish to improve their skills. Tailored evening classes targeted at specific needs are ideal for these particular students and can greatly improve confidence and mastery of the language.

Academic English

One very important area, which continues to expand, is English for academic requirements. Many foreign students wish to study at our prestigious universities and higher education institutions. Whilst they may have a good grasp of the language, they may still require a further level of skill and knowledge to equip them for the demanding academic challenges they will need. As these students contribute greatly to important research projects in the UK, the scale and importance of these courses continues to grow.

As these students will invariably be required to produce a written thesis, or dissertation, some institutions have introduced courses specifically geared to academic English writing. Many classes are held in the evening, so those currently studying, or in employment in the country can find it easier to attend. The courses concentrate on understanding and using a recognised reference system, planning and drafting essays and the importance of using and referencing evidence.

As global boundaries are broken down by the internet and satellite communications, the demand for English courses for foreign language speakers will increase in tandem.

AUTHOR BIO : Diyana Lobo lectures in EFL and advises many foreign language schools in london on the subject. 


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