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Friday, February 1, 2013

How to Prevent Bullying in Schools

/ On : 11:15 PM
As we all know, bullying in schools is detrimental to a student’s well-being. In schools today, bullying is a daily occurrence and they often happen inside or outside the classroom when teachers or those in authority are not around.

Teachers need immediate tools to help them fight bullying in all our schools. That is why Bullying Prevention methods must be overhauled. Teachers must be able deal with the situation in a different way. They must be adequately involved. They must be informed and equipped to handle any bullying situations inside and outside the class.

There are many types of bullying: physical, verbal, sexual, relational, reactive, and cyber bullying. It is possible for these six types of bullying to occur inside the walls of a school. However, most popular among these are the first three mentioned above. Physical bullying involves the use of strength or oversize to terrorize a victim. Verbal bullying involves the use of harmful words, cursing or name calling to make a student afraid. Sexual bullying is the act of touching or making fun of a person’s sexual orientation.

These 3 aspects mentioned above are the most common in the lives of students. It seems that the problem cannot be totally eradicated but a lot can still be done to reduce the damage already done.



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