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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nigerian Maritime Security Management To Change Hands

/ On : 3:42 AM
President Goodluck Jonathan is planning to handover the nation’s maritime security to Global West Vessel Specialist Agency (GWVSL). This is a company allegedly owned by a certain Tompolo, one of the so-called ex-militants of the Niger Delta, that spent the past few years subverting our country. The new management will be required to enforce regulatory compliance and surveillance of the entire Nigerian Maritime Domain.

The reasons for the transfer has been claimed to be spurious.Jonathan’s regime claim for this agreement was that the Nigerian government is unable to raise the $130million needed as investment over a 10-year period for the provision of the requisite operational platforms. Is Nigeria that broke? The country's administrative officers are claiming in so many ways that the nation is broke: CBN governor introduced the cashless economy policy because, according to him, the bank can no longer bear the brunt of managing the expenses that came with the printing and mobilization of currencies in Nigeria. In the maritime sector, the concession to Tompolo, according to the regime, will create 1,375 direct jobs and another 1, 620 indirect jobs, while government expects to earn N124billion, in the period.

Lai Mohammed, spokesperson of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), on Monday, said "Let us say here that there is nothing wrong in the use of concessions to provide and maintain infrastructure, it is totally unacceptable –even unprecedented especially in a fragile federation as ours- for any government to hand over the security of its entire maritime domain to a private firm. It is unconscionable that a decision that will have far-reaching implications for trade, security, ports and shipping will be taken so lightly, without a rigorous national debate."

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