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Saturday, October 25, 2014

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What business leaders can learn from Mourinho

Two years ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho worked
together in Real Madrid, Ronaldo told pressmen that Jose Mourinho was
the best coach in the world. In his words, "I am playing with the best
coach in the world," he told Sky Sports News HD.

"I am around great players, a fantastic coach and it is great, when
you play around great players it is easier."

At that time, the duo had just helped to prise the Spanish La Liga Cup
title away from Barcelona.

Leaders are often full of confidence and lifted spirits when their
followers talk good about them. These days, many organizations and
corporations make it appear as if only leaders matter. No one needs to
know about the great feats of subordinates or followers. Leaders
matter a great deal, while followers hardly matter at all. How true
are these sayings?

Cristiano Ronaldo did not say what made Mourinho special. But is it a
coincidence that Mourinho is also called 'The Special One'? What
brought about the urge to write this article is not even about Jose
Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo. It is about a response that Mourinho
made in reference to Mikel Obi, the most controversial Chelsea player.

Mikel Obi fell under intense heat recently for lack of agility on the
field of play. Both at home in Nigeria and abroad, many of his
erstwhile fans believe his time as a football star is gradually coming
to an end. One thing almost everybody complains about the player is
that he is too complacent. All he does is pass the ball, pass the
ball, most of the time, unreasonably and never thinking of being
creative with it.

His club coach, Jose Mourinho doesn't see it the way many people do.
He sees Mikel as a real leader should. He recognizes the strength and
weakness of the player and thought of better ways to exploit these.
So, in essence, where others see a failing Mikel, Mourinho sees a
worthwhile football player.

Earlier in October 2014, while granting interview to the Evening
Standard, Mourinho explained the reason why he always brought Mikel on
from the bench. He said, "People on the bench are also coming on
strong, the way they are playing, the way they react. Mikel comes on
and gives stability to the team. I think we're in a good moment. When
I play Mikel, I don't need to say something to Nemanja Matic or
Fabregas or to the team. They know what is going to happen, what the
team are going to do. They know what Fabregas can give us when he then
plays as a number 10 rather than a number 8. The team is very solid."

The most powerful words in the quote above is that Mikel, no matter
what anyone else thinks, brings stability to the Chelsea team.

For example, when Chelsea take a scoring lead and the time is just
dragging along and never seeming to come to an end, Mourinho can count
on Mikel to make sure that the opposition do not have the opportunity
to score till the end of the match.

If Mikel is useless to millions of Nigerians, his boss has found him
invaluable, at least, in some way. The lesson here is a simple one. As
business leaders, you must know the make-up of all your subordinates.
Find out how their weaknesses can be used as strength in your
organization. I think this is the main reason why Mikel has been in
Chelsea for nine seasons.

In today's world, leadership is required for corporate success.
Someone has to take the lead. Leaders need to acknowledge the
importance of understanding their followers better. They should look
for ways to determine and appreciate differences among subordinates.
These distinctions have critical implications on how leaders should
lead and managers should manage.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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The Practical Idea Behind Sending Diwali Gifts to India

Human relationships are very precious and people usually love to see the smiles on the lips of their loved ones. Seeing people smiling, especially on getting a gift from others, is really priceless. As per the traditions practiced by the people of all religions, people love to gift their near and dear ones on very special occasions. These special occasions often include social and religious events that take place as per a schedule every year. People, living nearby can visit their relatives, can visit them and exchange their gifts. But this becomes extremely difficult for the people who live abroad when it comes to sending gifts 2 India on any social or religious occasions. However, things have changed quite considerably in the recent years worth the inception of the online gift stores that are available on the Internet.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Klipsch Image S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Image S4i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Here's what someone said about this product

Exceptional visitor arrangement exhibited by our associates at Woot.com: "There isn't anything as mitigating to me as the mating calls of the lammergeier, otherwise called the hairy mountain vulture. To most individuals, the ear-splitting shouts and chuckles are similar to fingernails on a writing slate. Anyway to me, its music. That is the reason I listen to the nature recordings with my Klipsch S4i earphones. The incredible sound-disconnection and seal guarantee that nobody else is bothered by the penetrating shrieks and chortles. It's similar to a private ensemble that was made only for me. Just. For. Me."

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Get Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Limited Edition) [Blu-ray] (2012)

Here's what someone said about this product:

But there are real defects in two of the titles in this set: Both "Marnie" and "Family Plot" were given slipshod transfers. "Marnie" particularly (a film I consider one of Hitchcock's masterpieces) has visual specks throughout, and some scenes of "weak" color. If you don't believe me, just go to a scene mid-way in the film and freeze the frame on a closeup. You'll see what seems a shabby grill on the faces. The images aren't clear and seemingly form a grill pattern. ("Frenzy" also exhibits flaws but not as seriously as those two.) These problems are obviously due to a lack of quality control in mastering these discs. To see the difference compare these two titles to "The Birds" or "Rear Window" and check the clarity and brightness of their color images in a freeze-frame. This crappy transferring is reprehensible for Universal in not taking the proper care to make sure the master Hitchcock has been given the treatment he deserves. They made so much money from the great works by this brilliant filmmaker they could have at least given ALL these films the highest quality treatment in Blu-ray technology!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Hotel Search Engines: - Narrow Down Your Searches To Get The Best Deals

Vacation is the most beautiful thing in anyones life. It gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends. People can really get rid of the daily stress by escaping to the beautiful  cities. There are so many beautiful countries in the world  that you can choose for your vacation. But when we think of the flight tickets, destination  and accommodation people get really stressed. But today there is nothing to worry. There are some best search engines  online that can help you in eliminating all the stress from the equation.

Why choose search engines?
Cheap hotel finder  Are quite helpful   when it comes to choosing the right destination  and accommodation. There are more than a thousand hotels in  any major city and it is not easy to look everywhere to get the best. This is the time when search engines can really help you in narrowing down your choices. Search engines have access to all the major companies all over the world and you can easily find a right type of destination. This search engine also displays descriptions in details about the hotel. They also rate the hotels so that you can choose accordingly. There are plenty of features  that you will have to look when it comes to booking hotels such as location, features, facilities, staff, cost and much more. These are important details  to manage your vacation.
The search engine provides the details of  everything that is mentioned above. The other great thing about booking hotels with search engines is that they also offer you with a comparison.  Hotels varies in prices  and facilities  and you might need to compare them first.

Various options
 Theses websites offer plenty of options. Therefore, people can choose hotels according to their budgets and tastes. The best thing about booking hotels through search engines is that they can quickly provide you with the results  according to your budgets. They also offer genuine deals  on the hotels. You are going to find reputed and top most hotels. The search engines also offer special discounts and deals on various hotels.

When you search for the hotels online it will help you in getting access to the reputed hotels. This is the most important factor when you are going on vacation with your family and children. The process of finding the best deals is very easy on the website. You just have to find the best deal. Fill a short form and get access to numerous hotels with just one click.

 The hotels that you will find are registered  and provides world class facilities. You can also have a look at the reviews of the people to get to an informed decision. Everyone wants to create memorable experiences  when they are visiting  a foreign city for a vacation. Your one wrong decision can ruin your entire vacation. Thus, it is recommended that you find the best hotels and deals   on hotel search engine. And also make sure that you are booking your accommodation in advance, especially in the peak season  time. This will help you in eliminating all the stress  of booking hotels.

 To the search engines you can also have access to the cheap flights, blogs, top hotel booking sites and much more. These search engines are equipped with all the vital information that will help you in getting the best accommodation deals. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

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A Shift Away from Cars can Save Trillions

Getting away from car-centric development will cut urban CO2 emissions dramatically and also reduce costs, especially in rapidly expanding economies. It is also critical to reduce the energy use and carbon emissions of all vehicles.

An estimated 1.4 million early deaths could be avoided annually by 2050 if governments worldwide require the strongest vehicle pollution controls and ultralow-sulfur fuels.

Transportation, driven by rapid growth in car use, is claimed to be the fastest growing source of CO2 in the world and an affordable but largely overlooked way to cut that pollution is to give people clean options to use public transportation, walking and cycling, expanding mobility options especially for the poor and curbing air pollution from traffic.

Friday, October 10, 2014

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Incredible Investment Strategies In Real Estate

There are numerous circumstances that the individuals who are selling property experience. Real estate business can be extremely difficult, however in the event that you have some good advice, then you will triumph through troublesome circumstances. Consider this article to be a valuable venture ahead in your real estate deals move.

Your home maintenance activity is important because when you are considering selling that house, it is an imperative piece of protecting the estimation of it. Individuals auctioning homes put off continuous maintenance of paint, landscaping, and different repairs, from spending any cash on a home that they are planning to sell off. That said, not doing these things will result in the issue to snowball, which means doing a ton of work before the house can be put up for sale.
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Like to sell your home? Read This!

A real estate operator will surely put your property up on the commercial center however won't do anything else. All they will do is put your property in the commercial center with a layout and wish that somebody will be intrigued. Significance for a fast house offering a merchant undoubtedly isn't extremely your best alternative. They will likely have a considerable measure of distinctive homes they are attempting to offer in a commercial center that doesn't have a few item deals. You'd be one in more in contrast with 20 most likely.

The value given to you will likely be short of what you had been trusting for. Yet then, your exceptional asking price may not get you any sort of purchasers. Furthermore, regardless of the fact that it may have, there's a risk that the client wouldn't have possessed the capacity to get a home credit quickly, costing an individual much more of a chance. What you get may be somewhat short of what you as of now may have been requesting yet some real estate operators buy for CASH.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Things To Keep In Mind After Buying The House

Here are a few things to keep in mind after purchasing the house.

Keep some money aside every month

Once you have bought the house you may think that everything is done and you will not need any more money. However, this is not the case. Your house requires regular expenses on maintenance and other things. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you keep aside some amount of money from your monthly income for the maintenance of your house. You may not require the money every month but whenever you do, you will not be unprepared for it. On the other hand, if you do not save the money for your house and there is something unforeseen you will be taken by surprise. Save some money even in small amounts. Make sure that you do not use that money for any other purposes.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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Structural Failures: Who is to Blame?

When we talk about failures of structural edifices, there are three dimensions to it.  First, we could take a deep look at the history of structural failure in developed countries and how such failures have been reduced to the barest minimum level. Secondly, the issue of punitive measures that should be given to offenders should also be examined. Proposed preventive measures are also to be considered in order to reduce and possibly stop the incessant cases of building collapses.

In the developed world, after many years of painstaking investigation, they are getting it right in lessening the problem of building collapses. Nigeria too can find a way around the challenge by considering the steps stated above.

For one thing, failure of structure, such as that of a bridge, or housing unit is not a strange thing in the construction industry all over the world with particular reference to the developing countries. However, such occurrences are uncalled for. Incidents of collapsed buildings, collapsed bridges or other structures of various types are not peculiar to Nigeria alone. But, the continuous reports of collapsed buildings most especially in Lagos state area of Nigeria is receiving the needed attention recently, due to the fact that the situation occurs to frequently. A survey conducted in 2001 by the Nigeria Institute of Buildings (NIOB) revealed that more buildings may have collapsed during construction in Lagos state than in the rest of the country put together over the past five decades.


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